How To Study Finance in Germany

By | March 26, 2018

How To Study Finance in Germany

The normal way to study Finance in Germany is an academic programme in Business studies which is so-called Betriebswirtschaftslehre (BWL) in German language. This study programme is offered as a Bachelor degree in most universities und normally takes three years. Usually within the fourth semester students have the freedom to choose from four different areas of specialisation such as Accounting, Marketing, Human Resources and Finance.

 Study Finance in Germany

# Specialization in Finance

Students wishing to deepen their knowledge in the field of Finance would be advised to consider taking an internship in a related industry and preferably write a bachelor’s thesis in a Finance-related topic.

# Where to study Finance

Master in Finance is available at several private universities but the choices are limited when it comes to studying Finance as a specialized course at state universities.

There are about 28 master’s degrees in Finance-related subjects though not many public universities offer a specialized Master in Finance.

A quick such on platforms such as studienwahl shows that Finance is commonly combined with Accounting, Management, Corporate Finance or Financial Engineering.

During these two years of Master in Finance students can concentrate on different topics and prepare for a career in Finance.

# Top finance universities in Germany

Generally all universities offer top quality education and so that no student should be concerned having a substandard qualification.

There are several accreditation organisations which guarantees the standard of degrees offered. However, a few universities standout in certain subjects. Some studies have indicated that universities such as Mannheim, Humboldt-university of Berlin.

Technical University of Munich, University of Frankfurt am Main, University of Cologne and WHU –

Otto Beischeim School of Management have a competitive edge in Finance-related subjects. It is important to note that there is no official university ranking list of universities in Germany.



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