Student Health Insurance Germany

By | December 4, 2017

Student Health Insurance Germany

Student health insurance Germany : If you want to study in Germany, student health is mandatory. Without health insurance, you cannot be matriculated. Student health insurance is an appropriate proof which needs to be submitted for the enrollment at a German University and for the application for a residence permit. Please take care of your health insurance in good time before beginning your studies, preferably as soon as possible after arriving in Germany.

student health insurance germany

There are two kinds of student health insurance Germany:

  • Statutory health insurance for matriculated students
  • Private health insurance 

The statutory health insurance offers good benefits and is fairly inexpensive for students. A private health insurance like EDUCARE24 is always useful in cases where statutory health insurance is not possible.

Aok Student Health Insurance Germany 

With the AOK Student Health Insurance you can make sure of getting effective medical care. Your protection starts from the day you select or re-enroll at a school or college and stays legitimate until the finish of the fourteenth semester – or until the point when you are 30 years of age. Special cases are possible however, an extension is justified for family or other vital individual reasons, for example genuine ailment or the introduction of a youngster.

Students from nations with which Germany has a Social Security Agreement including a protection provision which may stay guaranteed in their nation of origin. For this situation, you should simply display your protection authentication (European Health Insurance Card: EHIC) from home to your nearby AOK student health insurance office. We will deal with the rest.


Aok German Health Insurance

The AoK German health insurance offers you an ideal services and the security of huge safeguarded group.

The AOK German health insurance is something beyond a health care coverage organization. We consider ourselves to be a cutting edge specialist co-op, which offers you the security of complete medicinal services insurance. Moreover, the AOK German health insurance gives an ideal service on all issues with respect to the large insured company. Many individuals believe the AOK Student health insurance germany: As they value the security of the large insured community and the fitness of the health insurance organizations. Also, they benefit from the assorted scope of prevention and human services, offers nearby the great services of a statutory medicinal services protection. The AOK German health insurance offers benefit at sensible commitment rates. You can utilize the various services from the day of membership.

Health insurance and Germany visa

The German international embassy or office in your nation determines that health insurance Germany visa is necessary for all outsiders, going by the nation and furthermore requires your health care insurance give at least a scope of €30,000 to medical treatment.


The health insurance Germany visa will definitely cover all medical emergencies or mishaps that you may encounter.


Health insurance for German student visa

In the event that you need to ponder in Germany, you will require health insurance for German student visa requirements. Worldwide students are not allowed to select at German advanced education foundations without health insurance for German student visa.

MAWISTA insurance review

For a long time MAWISTA insurance review has been set up for the medical coverage for International students. Each remote individual gets with his or her agreement reports the “endorsement for organization”.


Private insurance companies in Germany for students

 AXA. Target group: students, scholars, academic staff.

Care Concept AG. Target group: students, doctoral candidates, scholars

Care Med Reiseversicherung.


ERGO Victoria.

Hanse-Merkur Reiseversicherung AG.

Mawista Reise- und Krankenversicherung.

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