Intensive German Courses in Berlin

By | December 11, 2017

Intensive German Courses in Berlin

Learning Intensive German Courses : German is an essential element if you dream of a career and life in Germany. In this blog we disscuss about Intensive German Courses in Germany. Many German language institutes offer intensive German courses in Berlin, with Eurasia Institute Germany catering for international students from over 90 countries. Intensiv Deutschkurs or Intensive German courses are offered for all German certification levels or “niveau” in German (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2). Furthermore, many community colleges in Germany offer intensive German language courses or Deutschkurs Volkshochschule Berlin.

Intensive German Courses in Berlin

Eurasia institute founded in 1993, several years of experience are Eurasia’s forte symbolizing the fact that it has been a very successful pathway provider.

Moreover, Eurasia is an accredited exam center for the purpose of the TestDaf, TestAS,

and telc – marking its officially recognized quality. With an international and diverse environment, Eurasia Institute Berlin offers the best quality of language learning and exposure gaining opportunities. Eurasia is the flag-bearer in holding the trademark: #educationmadeingermany very high.

What to know About Intensiv Deutschkurs in Berlin?

Each student’s German language aptitude test defines which level of German language they are qualified to be part of. Eurasia institute Berlin offers intensive Deutschkurse at every level of certification with preparatory courses for TestDaf and Telc examinations separately.

We are your pathway to Germany – the land of ideas, the land of opportunities to Study in Germany. Come study through us and secure your future!

In order to contact us or mail us any documents, below is our official address.

Eurasia Institute Berlin Address (Contact):

In order to settle into the lifestyle of Germany and your institute it is important for you to know the Eurasia Institute Berlin address.

Train connections to your accommodation, how long will your commute last and how you need to manage your schedule to conduct effective

German language courses learning depends on our supreme location that we recently shifted to in 2017.

Address: EIIE EURASIA INSTITUTE for International Education GmbH
Siemensdamm 62 · 13627 Berlin · Germany

Telephone: +49 30 43 72 72 11 - 0

Fax Number: +49 30 43 72 72 11 - 99


Some additional course are liThe name of Deutschkurs berlin kostenlos (German Course Berlin for free).

These courses are for the beginners and advanced learners offered mostly to deserving scholarship

holders or in the current scenario mostly to refugees and expatriates in Germany.

On the contrary we offer intensive German courses for all segments of the society with the purpose of building cultural bridges across continents.

We offer all levels including Deutschkurs berlin b2 (German courses Berlin b2)

that are mostly for the small groups with lesser participants.If you want to learn german language course in germany join eurasia institute.

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