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By | September 7, 2017

 Germany Education

 “Education in Germany” is an indicator-based report that depicts Germany Education as a whole and ranges from early childhood education, care and education to adult education.

 The current report focuses on the topic of “Education and Migration” .

 Thus it revises the focus of the 1st Education Report from 2006.


The report “Education in Germany 2017” is the 6th

National Educational Report, which provides a comprehensive presentation of the situation of the German education system.

He draws up education processes in the perspective of the CV.

Draws on the performance of the various areas of German Education :

From elementary to school, vocational training, university and continuing education.

Educational reporting is to be understood as a component of a comprehensive educational monitoring.

which aims at preparing and providing information for political action by means of continuous, data-based observation and analysis.

With the breadth of its approach, the report addresses education policy, education and practice.

The latest information on the trends in education is also available to the interested public, science, teachers and learners.

The 2017 edition continues the reporting on indicators already presented in the previous reports on German education and presents new indicators.

In the context of an in-depth analysis, the situation of people with a migration background in the education system is investigated.

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