German Universities Admission 2018

By | January 15, 2018

German Universities Admission 2018

The German universities admission 2018 varies with the different universities and the time period of the year. The application deadlines and requirements are also different across universities at various levels as well. Normally, universities have two intakes in a year. One in summer and the other in winter. The summer intake in Germany has a deadline of 15th January if the students chooses the summer semester program.

German Universities Admission 2018

German Universities Admission 2018

When a student decides to study in Germany, the first step he or she needs to take is to select the right university for the intended program. Presently, over 18,000 courses are being offered in countless fields across the universities in Germany.

How to apply to German university online for students

An international student can apply directly to the international office of the university from most of the subjects. He should visit the website which is a centralized admissions portal for the international students. The portal is managed by the German Academic Exchange Service or DAAD, but many universities also do not use this portal for processing applications.

The international student should apply for numerous courses and universities separately if he wants his chances to get admitted. Admissions can be sought twice a year to commence studies. Every institution would like to review and process the following documents that have be submitted;

  • A passport-sized photo.
  • A copy of original and valid passport.
  • Proof of language proficiency.
  • A translated overview of respective grades and modules.
  • A certified copy of the high-school diploma or previous degrees in the original language.

An online application fee is also charged when a student applies for the particular university. For German universities admission international students, the applications should be submitted six weeks before the deadline. This helps to ensure the time for additions or corrections in case some information is missing.

Application deadline for Top 10 German universities for MS

If an international student wants to pursue Masters Study program, then the program is divided into two categories. The first is a consecutive study that focuses to develop the knowledge that is gained during the bachelor degree. The second is the non-consecutive study that focuses on the professional development on the bigger scale for which candidates are required to have an undergraduate study with some experience.

To apply for the Masters Study program, the application can be submitted directly to the university or through the online portal of ‘Uni Assist’ respectively. The respective students should have a higher education entrance qualification or HZB prior to applying for the university. An undergraduate degree program in the native country is considered equal to HZB and is accepted in many universities. Yet, some requirements need to be fulfilled depending upon the type or course or the university.

The university submissions for Masters Study program take place twice in a year. Students can begin the studies in summer or in winter. The summer semester runs from March to August, so the deadline is 15th January. For the winter semester the deadline is 15th July and it runs from September to February and even October to March respectively.

However, a particular institution might set different deadlines for each master’s programs or that application deadlines differ between institutions as well.

 German universities deadlines for summer 2018

For the summer 2018 study programs, the deadline to apply for international students is by 15th of January 2018. They should have completed their bachelor or relevant diploma program before applying to the respective university.

German universities deadlines for winter 2018

The international students that wish to commence a degree program in winter 2018, should apply by 1st of July in 2018. Apart from the university related programs and information, they should for different scholarships online. A scholarship becomes quite helpful and reduces the study expense to some fees or none at all.

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