German language course in Germany

By | December 26, 2017

German Language Course

For those looking to learn German language course in Germany need not worry much. There are plenty of renowned and quality institutes where they can learn the language by experts. The German language course comprises of six levels that cover the basic learning to the advanced stage of learning. They include A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2 as well.

We at Eurasia Institute also have the best the faculty to teach German language respectively.

German language course in Germany


German language certification levels

The six stages of learning of German language are as follows;

  1. A1: The German for beginners starts off at this stage. The student has no knowledge of the language. He learns how to make simple inquiries in writing and speaking, and can give instructions. At this point, he is required to develop basic grammar skills and to increase the vocabulary.
  2. A2: The student possesses some knowledge of the language at this level. He learns how to express himself adequately in routine and familiar situations. Moreover, he can understand and read simple texts.
  3. B1: At this level, the German language learner consolidates and revises the basic grammar structures. He learns to lead conversations on interesting topics.
  4. B2: The B2 stage equips the learner to have a command of the essentials of the German language. He practices, writing, reading and discussion on work-related issues and other topics.
  5. C1: At the C1 level, the learner has a good command of the language. He can clearly express in speaking and writing on numerous topics. Moreover, he can understand nearly all the texts.
  6. C2: The last level for the learning of German is the C2 stage. Here, the student can express fluently in the German language. He can easily work on sociology-political, cultural, literary and other scientific topics.

German language learning online for beginners

If an international student or a foreigner intends to learn German language from the comfort from his home, he can do it. There are four to five trusted and popular websites that provide German for beginners that can be learned at their own pace. One such website is that offers the medium to learn the language which is free, self-regulating and simple.

The best part is that there are only 10 German grammar tables that provide initial insight language with its grammar. The website comprises of selected interactive exercises that have been divided into three levels. The learner can practice grammar rules as and when he needs it.

The online tests enable the learner to assessment his command on German language for free.

German course Berlin

If teenagers are interested to learn German language, then they can enroll with Eurasia Institute in Berlin. We conduct an international summer camp every year for 13 and 19 years old. We provide accommodation and full board at our lakeside location that is present in the north of Berlin.

Our location is equipped with modern faculties that feature furnished seminar rooms where the learners get the tuition from the native language teachers on the daily basis. The basic program includes the German classes for beginners or the elementary level (A1/A2) in the morning followed by 10 days of activities.

Other highlight of the summer camp is the farewell party and disco that rounds off an unforgettable learning experience.

After the summer camp, students are offered 4-day trips that are optional. Those that do register get the chance to further improve their German skills and then experience a remarkable tour with their international mates as well.

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