German Language Certificate Levels

By | December 8, 2017

German Language Certificate Levels

 According to the Common European Framework of Reference, there are 6 German Language Certificate levelsA1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2.


German language Certificate levels explain:-


You are a beginner at German language meaning – you are able to ask and understand basic questions in speech and writing. The main goal of the level is to get you accustomed to the basic grammar and vocabulary in the German language. The A1 certificate not have much value.If you learn just basic german language it acts as a social security.It helps specially for apply German study visa requirements.

German Language Certificate Levels


You are at the elementary stage of learning the German language. You are able to express yourselves effectively in daily life situations and are able to read, write and comprehend simple texts written in the German language.



You are in the intermediate level of German language learning; in German known as B1 Level Deutsch.

In this level you combine basic skills learnt in previous levels and revise basic rules of grammar and get in the space to lead conversations in German language on your own.

After completion of the Deutschkurs B1, students are expected to understand and respond to an

intermediary level of oral communication which is tested during the TestDaf examination.


You are in the upper-immediate level of the German language with a high command over the most grammatical, spoken and oral aspects of the German language.



You are in the advance level of German language learning.This is the advance level of language. In C1 you can easily express your thoughts througly .



German Language Certificate Levels at Eurasia Institute Germany

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In the Eurasia Institute high qualified teacher will teach you.

Eurasia Institute Germany offers German language courses

at all language levels from A1 to C1 with both intensive courses and individual tailor-made solutions. German language classes are according to European Framework of References for Languages (CEFR). This system defines six levels of language competences.

Course Hours:

Morning session: 8:30 am – 1:30 pm

Afternoon session: 2pm – 7 pm

You can find more information about the course dates here:

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