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International Students Admission in Germany

International Students Admission in Germany International Students Admission in Germany: Depending on the character of your credentials you get different access to university studies in Germany. The university entrance qualification can be direct and indirect. Indirect means, you need to attend so-called Studienkolleg (Foundation Year). It prepares international students for pursuing a Bachelor degree. Studienkolleg provides with the… Read More »

How can international students learn German in Germany?

International Students Learn German in Germany The best and easiest way to learn German language is to attend a German language course in Germany. In fact, we learn a language faster when we are constantly surrounded by it. Attending an intensive German course and constant practice in everyday life will help you to progress quickly. This article provides… Read More »

Why Learn German?

Why Learn German? For those who are debating why learn German, then they unaware of many aspects or realities. Learning German language can benefit in terms of networking potential, economic potential and the cultural gain. In the recent years, Germany has become a hot spot for students and working professionals for work and careers across different fields. To… Read More »

German Universities Admission 2018

German Universities Admission 2018 The German universities admission 2018 varies with the different universities and the time period of the year. The application deadlines and requirements are also different across universities at various levels as well. Normally, universities have two intakes in a year. One in summer and the other in winter. The summer intake in Germany has… Read More »

Work and Travel in Deutschland

Work and Travel in Deutschland The international students and professionals can work and travel in Deutschland which is a popular destination for quality education and respectable jobs. The presence of work and travel programs fulfilling both the needs have proven to add value immensely so work and travel Germany for students is one of the preferred choices in… Read More »

German Student Visa Processing Time

German Student Visa Processing Time The German student visa processing time depends on the type of visa being applied for. Germany is one of the best places in Europe to pursue higher education. An international student needs to have a visa which is the authorized document to enter Germany and to stay for the purpose of study for… Read More »

Why should I choose Germany for my abroad?

Why should I choose Germany for my abroad? If you are debating of why should I choose Germany for my aboard studies, then your choice is a good one indeed. Germany has got many quality institutes for graduate and undergraduate programs where you can enroll with your area of interest respectively. Why study in Germany for international students… Read More »

German Language Courses For Beginners

German language courses for beginners The German Language courses for beginners is meant for those who want to pursue education and professional goals later in Germany. There are many institutes in Germany where you can learn German which is not too tough at all. Eurasia-insitute is one the leading pathway provider for university entrance and accredited test center… Read More »

Intensive German Courses in Berlin

Intensive German Courses in Berlin Learning Intensive German Courses : German is an essential element if you dream of a career and life in Germany. In this blog we disscuss about Intensive German Courses in Germany. Many German language institutes offer intensive German courses in Berlin, with Eurasia Institute Germany catering for international students from over 90 countries.… Read More »

German Language Certificate Levels

German Language Certificate Levels  According to the Common European Framework of Reference, there are 6 German Language Certificate levels – A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2.   German language Certificate levels explain:- A1: You are a beginner at German language meaning – you are able to ask and understand basic questions in speech and writing. The main… Read More »