How to Become a Medical Doctor in Germany

By | January 22, 2018

Become a Medical Doctor in Germany

In Germany, there are many medical clinics and hospitals that open opportunities for medical practitioners and students every year. So, if someone is debating about how to become a medical doctor in Germany then it’s not a daunting task, though there is much competition.

The health care system existing in Germany is globally distinguished as the modern advancements have improved the functioning of the health care system. To pursue medicine in Germany is promising and there are excellent opportunities for the individuals to become involved in wide spectrum career opportunities in medicine and Become medical doctor.

How to Become a Medical Doctor in Germany

Study medicine in Germany in English for International students

The best aspect about Germany is that medicine is not only open for natives, but foreign students can study MBBS in Germany in some of the distinguished institutes as well. Around 8 percent of the total medical seats have been reserved for the international students in Germany.

The basic science is of 2-year period and the clinical science is of 3-year period.

Study medicine in Germany

About 10,000 new students begin their medical studies in the institutes every year which depends on the quota and places meant for those who achieve higher grades from the foundation for university admission or the equivalent degree from other countries.

The International students outside the European Union

need to apply for HZB or the higher education entrance qualification exam.

The International Students Office of the university assesses the qualifications based on the anabin database.

The International candidates have to apply directly to the universities through the Uni-Assist or the Application Services for the International University Applications.

Study medicine in Germany in English for International students become medical doctor

There are more than 35 public medical institutes in Germany and around 80,000 medical students. Most of the institutes provide equally respected programs, yet different faculties have various areas of expertise.

Some of the top medical universities in Germany to pursue medicine are as follows;

  1. University of Heidelberg
  2. Charité  University Medicine
  3. The University of Witten / Herdecke
  4. Uni Hospital Tubigen medical doctor
  5. University of Freidburg

  • The tuition and fees for many international students is interestingly quite low. Yet, the study visa is needed to show evidence that the respective individual can support himself. The cost of living varies across the country.
  1. Federal Student Financial Aid Program
  2. DAAD (Germany’s biggest scholarship provider with the best English information.
  • Working as a doctor in Germany
  • M1: This is the first level that takes place after 2 years of study of medicine.
  • M2: This exam is undertaken after 5 years of study and the successful completion of the first exam.
  • M3: The third and the last stage takes place after one year of completion of M2 stage that follows 6 years of study in the field of medicine.
  • It is permanent and valid throughout Germany.
  • There are many foreign doctors in Germany practicing medicine in the prestigious hospitals.
  • They only become eligible to practice after clearing the approbation or medical exam.
  • The Non-European doctors like Indian doctors in Germany only become eligible after they their education has been assessed for equivalency after which they are offered a provisional license or a full license with time to prepare for the assessment test.

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